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[ Strategic Intelligence ]


Intelligence-derived information and insights should not dictate the goals of strategy, but they should inform decisions about what to do, how to do it, and what to look for in order to assess how well, or badly, the strategy is working.

We partner with our clients to solve problems and answer questions. We evaluate opportunities, analyze competitors and counter-parties, shed light on sectors and programs, and in turn, structure approaches and solutions to meet the tabled questions and requirements. We empower high quality intelligence to make critical decisions on tactics and strategy, enabling to challenge assumptions and preconceptions, and reach an independent, unbiased set of conclusions and recommendations. In all cases, the goal is to provide intelligence which can be acted on with conviction.

The etymology of the word intelligence goes back to the Latin adverb intus = inside and to the Latin verb legere = reading, understanding, gathering ideas and information about someone or something.

Therefore, intelligence is the faculty to understand reality not in a superficial way but, going beyond it, in depth, to capture its hidden and not immediately evident aspects. Another etymological interpretation (less widespread) of the term prefers to intus the preposition inter = between. Therefore, intelligence would be the ability to read (...between the lines), to discover relationships and inter-connections between the various aspects of reality to reach a wider and more complete understanding of it.


OROBORUS® collects, compares and analyzes, providing customized solutions designed to help our clients navigate safely through all types of environments. We work with our clients to minimize risks in a global business environment, finding a way to close information gaps and make informed decisions has become increasingly important. We help companies gain a competitive edge by leveraging the experience of our multi-disciplinary business intelligence team and utilizing our global network of confidential sources. We not only understand the need to access information, but to do so ethically and in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

[ Holistic System ]

Our objective researches and analysis help to manage and protect financial, legal, reputational and ethical risks, minimizing disruption and helping to avoid frauds, bribery, corruption and reduce risks on vetting potential employees, consultants, partners, clients, agents, suppliers, third party and counterparties.

Through risk planning, identification, assessment, response and reporting, we provide afterward strategies and actions for manage incidents and crisis as well as complete enforcements about specific corporate problems related with theft of goods or know how, confidential information, strategic documents and company secrets.



We talk to people (Interviewing and Taking Statements)

We find people (Skip Tracing)

We watch people (Surveillance)

We ask about people (Investigations)

[ Business Intelligence ] is a general term that identifies the search, preparation and management of data. Business intelligence tools and processes enable end customers to identify useful information, derived from raw data, facilitating decision-making within organisations in various sectors.


[ Information Search ]




"We Collect and Analyze Info for Best Decisions"


We don’t provide a ‘run of the mill’ due diligence report: the unique service offered by OROBORUS® is the use of combination of investigative skills, specialist legal knowledge and state of the art technology to provide its clients an in-depth audit of their designated targets.

When we deal with activities, obtaining information allows to make the best decision e always gives us the right tool to act safely and properly. International markets award those who can quickly gather reliable information to negotiate business, confront with the competition and evaluate both companies’ and people’s reputation.

"Gathering information makes for more than half the battle"

We provide answers to questions that financial and legal analyses cannot address, especially regarding integrity issues and the reputations and backgrounds of counterparties. We also help in identifying risks so deals can proceed or be restructured for clients who engage in; mergers and acquisitions, public o­fferings, financings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital and other investments.


"For evidence-based operational | tactical | strategic decisions"

OROBORUS® provides background checks and all business and financial information necessary to recover credits and support legal trials, adding interviews, special screenings and media-checks to the investigations currently being done.

Our objective researches help to manage and protect financial, legal, reputational and ethical risks, minimizing disruption and helping to avoid frauds, bribery, corruption and reduce risks on vetting potential employees, consultants, partners, clients, agents, suppliers, third party and counterparties.

This is a key component to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering standards | anti-bribery / corruption | anti-terrorism legislation. Our goal is turn advice into strategic support to create competitive advantage and eliminate uncertainty in processes, with significant time | money savings.


[ Investigations ]




"We Find Out the Hidden"


OROBORUS® supports attorneys international law firms with investigation and intelligence activities, gathering proof elements and offering strategic tools for civil and penal trials.

Organizations and individuals who have been or are likely to be subject to financial crime, deception, theft, fraud, intellectual property violations would benefit from our investigation services. Instead who can reach an advantage by knowing preemptively facts or information, finalized to decisions or action before being taken, can benefit from our consulting.



Assets tracing | Researches - Tracing Debtors - Disloyalty - Permissions Abuse - Absenteeism - Plaintiff | Inquiries - Subpoena | Trial Support - Revision Cold Cases - Job Loss Compensation - Professional Liability - In Court for proceedings - Personal Injuries - Claims - Strategists - Witness Experts - Deep Infiltration - Damages Quantification - Aliunde Perceptum - Graphologists' Expertise - Digital Forensic.


The private detective's investigation has often been resolved in combination with the activity of the lawyer, especially when the investigation is conducted directly by the lawyer who has clear what evidence is necessary to support his thesis. In order to obtain the best result both out-of-court and judicial, the private investigator expressly authorized, becomes one of the most important auxiliary roles of the defender.


In Behalf of Criminal Lawyer - Scene Crime Analysis - Forensic Investigations - Robbery - Menace - Prevention Measures - Extortion - Kidnapping - Ransom - Missing People - Locating Defendants - Workplace Violations - Witnesses Identification - Environmental Crimes - Harassment - Stalking - Blackmailing - Incident Inspections - Homicide - Wrongful Death.



Anti-Money Laundering - Beneficial Ownership - Tender Rigging - Anti-Bribery - Anti-Corruption - Bank / Insurance Claims - Asset Misappropriation - Shortage - Unfair Competition - Absenteeism – Dismissal – Forensic Accounting - Royalty Auditing.

Know How - Confidential Information - Identity - Strategic documents - Corporate Secrets - Counter-Espionage - Sabotage Prevention.


It is a very complex strategic action that aims to reach, through appropriate investigative coverage, the social and/or professional context of a subject of investigation, where it is assumed that useful information cannot be found otherwise.



to protect clients and profits

Extensively Experienced in legal strategies and focused on Risk, Compliance & Asset (incl. corporate secrets) protection and on the identification of the whole supply chain of market goods and IP infringement both physical or digital, including the sources of counterfeit or contraband. We provide to cyclical activities as Market and Internet Monitoring, Customs Enforcement and Seminars to Police enforcement. We support client around illicit whites, black/grey market, product diversion and parallel import problems, copyright and license issues, about software, music, food & beverage, fashion, tobacco and other industries.



to detect pirated content and counterfeit goods anywhere

Web / Price Monitoring - Signaling Analysis - Test Purchase - Illegal Goods Distribution Mapping - Manufacture Identification - Law Enforcement / Customs Cooperation - Complaint Filing - Raid / Seizure Assistance - Security Features Recognition - Official Product Expertise - IP Legal Strategies - Court Hearing Attendance - Secure Storage.


Many companies incur large financial losses through counterfeits, a lot of them without realizing it or seriously underestimating the impact on their profits. The most dangerous challenges for brand holders today? Illegal infiltration of distribution routes; advanced packaging techniques; online presentation of goods and ingenious customers.

OROBORUS® collaborates with some of the most important organizations and law firms worldwide, both in Italy and abroad, to implement tailored programs for every product category: We work to remove from markets illegal finish goods, fake components and patent infringements as well as to remove from the web copyrighting material, like pictures and logos, to make sure that web search rankings only promoted the authorized product and enforce against domains using brand name to sell illegitimate products.


Fighting Infringements

The defense of assets, privacy and corporate secrets are aspects of growing importance in all fields of business and is a set of legal techniques and strategies to help clients with investigations related to brand protection, security management, litigation etc.


Market Survey

We continuously monitor the market and prices both in the online environment (included public tenders) as well as the open markets and brick and mortar shops in order to spot the counterfeit trends and identify the subjects dealing in infringing products.

We also track and alert non-compliant distributors to protect your brand and partner network.


Follow Up Investigations

For the proactively identified leads as well as for the client-supplied leads we conduct the follow up investigations that depending on the case may include the background checks on the subjects, on-site visits and surveillance in order to provide the clients and the law enforcement with the full picture of the ongoing operations of the counterfeiters.


Specialized Investigations

We are properly licensed to conduct undercover operations ranging from simple test purchases on B2B, B2C and C2C market to deep infiltration. A signaling analysis and a test purchase can verify or dismiss the suspicion of the counterfeit sales or promote new commercial negotiations, but undercover investigation is the key element in dismantling the criminal networks and obtaining evidence in larger cases for the later use of the law enforcement agencies or in the civil proceedings of the clients. We run our own informants. In cooperation with clients we are able to set up the Cover Facilities (fully transparent to the client) in order to support the investigations on national and international level. The Cover Facilities are obtained lawfully and are capable of the scrutiny and disclosure to the appropriate authorities.


Law Enforcement Cooperation

With our ACF programmes, we identify culprits and criminal networks, provide official product expertise,

We represent the clients in front of the authorities, we file complaints, provide statements and official expertise with the authentication of counterfeit goods (incl. security features recognition).

Our close relationship with the law enforcement agencies enables us to effectively cooperate on getting the cases concluded with the enforcement actions and prosecutions. We assist brands with the official authentication of the counterfeit goods in the capacity of official product expert. Also, we are able to backing court bailiffs when seizing goods in Court proceeding as well as cover the role of witness; also, about establishing of damages and lost profits.

We promote awareness and trainings for Police enforcements and assist Customs on suspected goods entering or transiting the countries. We attend the hearings in the Court proceeding and report the status.


International Scope

Work directly in EU, enables us to see the “big picture” and uncover transnational criminal organizations involved in production and trafficking in counterfeit products.


strisica 2.png
anti cou2.png


Static / dynamic – Human / technical – People / vehicles / premises


“Everyone chases the truth, we know how tail it!”


Surveillance and shadowing service, conducted in a discreet and professional manner and performed in complete lawfulness, is a very useful and effective support to collect unbiased evidences, and can be used to make an informed decision on corporate, financial and private matters.

The continued observation on targets (included places and objects / goods) can be finalized both to support civil proceedings and provide to public prosecutors / law enforcement the full picture of the ongoing operations of subjects.



Infidelity - Questionable Behavior - Cheating Spouse - Divorce - Best Interest of Child and Custody - Missing Persons - Hereditary Structure Check - Teenagers Supervision - Stalking and Violence Defense.


We are over 25 years experienced in private investigations and family matters legal advice. We can also interface with all the key players, included Lawyers, Legal Tutors, Psychologist and Court Experts.

We have carried out important and successful intelligence operations, which have had the satisfaction of our clients: for example, in some cases, we have created a line of team that started from our objective observations, then evaluated by an expert psychologist - counselor who, by preparing a document "Pro Veritate" attached to the representation in court by the defense attorney, was able to describe the situation in more detail, thus shortening the lengthy and difficult procedures in court, sometimes avoiding the involvement of additional professional and institutional roles.


[ Risks Protection ]




OROBORUS® consultancy is aimed at enacting preventive actions for the mitigation of risks and support in the management of critical problems and emergencies in a variety of organizations. By internal investigations and external countermeasures, we are fully equipped to engage on your issues in risk management in order to design, conduct and critically appraise research; to develop approaches in contrast to company regulations and ethical code and promote resilience.

“Risk taking is a prerequisite to success.”

We support organizations that pursue growth through risk analysis, investigations and consulting designed to frame corporate strategy, from critical and multifaceted intelligence and due diligence.


Critical Issues | Crises

It is profoundly disruptive and potentially traumatic when something happens that strikes at the nervous system of an organization. Employees, shareholders and stakeholders are all affected. The suspicion of malfeasance, a dispute, or an attack on your systems, assets and people must not create paralysis or rash decisions. A quick, sure-footed response and recovery are vital.

Risk | Threat Prevention

A propaedeutic key component to ensure compliance procedures (UE 2015/849, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, FCRA, HASAWA, ILO, EPA, SOX, GDPR etc.), anti-money laundering standards, anti-bribery / corruption and anti-terrorism legislation. Sometimes the organizational culture is steeped in dysfunctional beliefs and assumptions that can determine misaligned, unethical or illegal behaviours (D.Lgs 231/2001).


We expertise in identifying and mitigating Black Swan events and identifying and managing Strategic Inflection Points. We have helped clients in managing risks by using existing resources and by contingency planning and by getting the organization to invest in new resources for business continuity planning.


Audits | Inspections

Additionally, we have assisted clients in recognizing threats and identifying vulnerabilities which may be exploited by competitors. Assisted clients before establishing a business attaining knowledge about the market and its environment by Market Research and Competitive Intelligence. Then, when the business in operation we can keep a constant eye on different matters, in order to adjust it according to market prevailing conditions and help to minimize the risks.

For example, we are able to carry out checks on the distribution and supply chain in order to verify the correctness of contractual and legal obligations: not only through scheduled and cyclical audits, but also through inspections and investigations that can disprove or confirm suspicions and compliance.


We have strong experience in verifying product distributors, having clarified the reasons for heavy market losses and also we have discovered the reality of domestic and foreign suppliers of international companies that has allowed a real attention to ethical business, the natural environment, health and safety in the workplace.

"Planning for Unexpected, will Save Business"

We recommend about minimizing the natural risks by insurance company, but we are particularly focused on Pure, Financial and Human risks: our basic attitude is Risk Anticipation | Prediction Process; implementing strategies and protective security measures to reduce risks; interpreting and selecting, prioritizing and reinforcing procedures, policies and expected behaviors; reviewing Client’s organization, methods, knowledge management.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact

From small to large organizations, the immediate effects and long-term impact from COVID-19 will vary across the board. However, there are underlying commonalities of risk and preparation for every company, such as employee morale, health, ability to work, and economic impact.
As the pandemic evolves, companies like yours will consider new crisis management processes, procedures, and policies to adapt and best position their organizations. Many are seeing the consequences of the pandemic through crime and supply chain disruptions, prompting them into action. Additionally, some are responding to the emerging needs of implementing a crisis plan, adapting plans to protect critical assets from emerging threats, or leveraging time to mature their established crisis management plans.
So how does an organization like yours ensure business continuity, recovery, and resilience? If you don’t have a plan in place or you need to adapt your current crisis plan, we can help you to protect your people and assets during this challenging time.


[ Corporate Security ]


"Sweep a Problem Under The Rug, and wait something happens, Do Not Solve Anything, rather this action creates a biggest one"

Usually crime investigators are summoned after the fact, but the security investigator needs to do more.
It does not help when the practitioner is being reactive by waiting for incidents to occur and then summing a criminal investigator after the fact. That action does not support security principals. The practitioner must know the crime, crime culture, and motivations to hunt for it - they need to be proactive.
The Practitioner will deliver multiple threats that none have experienced before. Not many companies will allow additional drainage of the budget for the security department because it is considered as an expense by the accountants.
Subsequently, it will be the responsibility of the practitioner to discover real issues that could impact and drain the company, even more so, - to validate the value of the security department.

This is not about loss prevention but more so - profit protection.
The practitioner needs to uncover new crime and discover evolving crime besides methods to limit the level of collateral damage.
Resilience will depend on what one knows and who one gets to know!
This is simply to draw your attention to a new way to face corporate security work, besides use the intelligence practice that practitioners 'must get to know' for this moment in time.

OROBORUS® identify your specific risks to provide targeted security that won’t stifle your company.

We regard the safety of all your assets (tangible and intangible) - your people and their physical and technological environment as interwoven. They sit in a context of reputational jeopardy and ever-growing regulatory requirements and this shapes our approach to your security. Too much security can burden your organization, too little leaves your operations exposed.

OROBORUS® has advanced knowledge of crime and provide to the integration, development and review of activities aimed at mitigating the risk of loss or leak of information and reducing the chances of attacks from third parties both inside or outside of company.

"A Prompt Response to Emergency, can Save Business"

Through Planning | Identification | Analysis | Assessment | Response, we provide afterward strategies and actions for manage incidents and crisis as well as complete enforcements about specific corporate problems related with theft of goods or know how, confidential information, strategic documents and company secrets and safety.

We always recommend pre-background check and test to detect employee attitudes about honesty and also employee’s trainings to minimize shoplifting, employee theft, burglary, robbery, computer crime accidents and injury. We also can examine whistleblower signaling with impartial and discreet manner.

We are able also to provide physical hardware, private privacy and organization protection; executive security, security alarm systems | CCTV; intrusion / penetration tests | site security. Moreover escorts | travel security services.


Managing Covid-19 Strategic, Operational and Protocol Guide
Any company or institutions that is found to have an infected worker will be closed down again for weeks! So it's necessary arrange addressing equipment, technology and manpower with relevant skills to limit the collateral damage of Covid-19.
Managers need to prepare properly for opening their premises. Therefore, the security protocols must be in-place and must fit the overall threat or a uniquely designed protocols. We help to realize the right protocols for companies, restaurants, hotels and besides layered security for any mall, building or site.


[ Travel Risks ]


"Planning for unexpected, will save the business travel"

For our clients, we select Tour Operators and experienced with highly capable project designers with a wide range of proposals in each niche of travels at competitive costs with a particular attention to security.

The service provided is complete for organizing events, meetings and conventions, with everything relating to location, management and event support.


The result is based not only on the scouting of new and exclusive destinations of unbeatable value for money but also on offering-communicating-organizing-emotion with professionalism and experience.

We offer personalized services to coordinate national and international travels, dedicated to protecting the safety for business, tourism or meeting & convention attendances, designed to reduce and control any risks and unforeseen events. Also. our tested network for the support directly any needs in the destination country, in case of long journeys. All travel planning procedures are in accordance with the characteristics of the single trip and the required / needs of the customer.


OROBORUS® Travel Risks Management - Security Key Points:

• hazard assessment and personal vulnerabilities;

• managing Covid-19 strategic, operational and protocol guide;

• operational information and laws of the destination country;

• liaison and contacts with the local police forces, embassies, government offices, etc.;

• methods analysis of transport / transfer;

• quality and strategic examinations / inspections of locations, routes, accommodation, etc..;

• strategy consulting of travel behavior and in case of danger;

• strategic risk prevention, crisis and emergency plans;

• support contract or integration of insurance policies and special measures;

monitoring / satellite tracking of vehicles and people;

• customer service and support 24 h and security support on the spot;

• Hidden or uncovered security escort.

travel risk 7.png

[ Cyber Defense ]




Our experts bring its forensic, technical and investigative prowess to bear in helping to detect, document and remediate

The defence of privacy and corporate secrets are aspects of growing importance in all fields of business. Increasingly sophisticated technologies may allow unaware intrusion into the corporate network through the use of malicious code that, if vulnerable to such attacks, would, therefore, expose to a variety of dangerous risks or can be deadly to a company's security and survival.

Such infiltration can be the goal of foreign governments, industrial spies or malicious insiders and may be designed to gather and transmit to the outside sensitive information; to provide regular remote access; or to corrupt or destroy data. Sophisticated attackers deploy code that may not be detected by host-based and network-based firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware utilities.


OROBORUS® in-house experts have significant experience in both decrypting purloined data and using techniques to decode encrypted sessions and files of the hostile intruder.  We are capable of either eradicating the identified malware, using it to funnel counter-intelligence back to the attacker, or luring the attacker to controlled computers within the network to monitor the attacker’s actions as part of a continued risk assessment.

ITC Security Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Forensic Examination (also in relation to IP theft, Cyber extortion and Crypto virus, DoS attacks, etc.), Bug Sweeps and Eavesdropping Detection:

  • Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability Assessment | Penetration Test

  • Network Security: Gateway (Firewall/VPN, Remote Access, Mail/Web), Endpoint, Software integrity.

  • Business Continuity: Data & System Backups | Updates, Disaster Recovery, Incident Response Plan.

  • Risk Assessment: Overall Risk, Critical Assets, Network Risk, Preventive Penetration Test.

  • Identity Access Management: Logical (2-factor Tokens, Network access control), Physical.

  • Confidentiality (encryption): Data at-Rest, Data in-Transit, Disposal.

  • Compliance: Reporting, Monitoring, Archiving, SIM/SEM.

  • Regular data security audits: Data Protection, including employee departure cases.

  • Identification of unauthorized use or access of company resources.

  • Auditing and Trainings.


Our investigations lead to forensically-sound data collections and documented findings for presentation in Court or to the authorities.


[ Mystery Client ]




OROBORUS® conduct mystery client services and covert test purchases on B2B, B2C and C2C market, to verify or dismiss suspicions on various matters: to detect and evaluate, on an anonymous basis, the quality of services, procedures, employee behavior, merchandising, product quality, etc.


Mystery Client service is a performance evaluation technique based on our observation and reporting system by applying a fully flexible methodology: Studying and creating the most appropriate system and strategy for the Client, avoiding any kind of standardization of services, and leveraging methodologies with a totally objective approach to highlighting all the strength and weakness points, that move the product purchase choice and sub sequentially the image of the Company. Consequently, the Client can plan any interventions corrective (incentives or training or repressive) aimed to filling any gaps and dysfunctions detected.


Scenario Study - Check List - Training - Team Organization - Performing Visits - Data Collection - Processing Activities - Investigative Reporting - Action Planning.

We can be in support of these matters for: Distribution net, Retailing, Shopping Center and Outlets. Hotels and restaurants, accommodations, Spa and wellness centers, villages and tourist services. Clinics and medical studies. Showrooms and workshops, surveys of   motorway service stations, rental agencies. Naval, air, rail transport services etc. Insurance, Banking and Postal. Industries. Services and public entities.