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Founded & managed by Marco Mennoia



OROBORUS® has been founded in Milan in 1996 as an consultant's agency and niche market provider of investigative services and it aims to be a leader in the field through unique twenty-years long experience and skills obtained during the service as investigators, operatives and managers of the leading multinational companies.

OROBORUS® has defended several well-famed companies in different commodity and product sectors and works together with renowned patent attorneys and law firms both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to our experience, we can quickly outline a targeted action strategy for any specific issue.

OROBORUS® is complemented by high level professionals about accounting, information technology, psychology, HR, economics and finance matters throughout Italy, Switzerland, Europe, USA and Far East. We have the close collaboration of specialists in all criminal and civil law areas, including family law, employment and Intellectual Property law.
Marco Mennoia is founder and managing director of OROBORUS® and he is properly licensed to conduct investigations about civil and penal cases. After the studies in engineering and political science, and an MBA at Bocconi University, with over twenty-five years in the investigations and security field, he has operated both at a national and international level with some of the most prestigious investigations and consultancy companies in the world. You can check his profile on LinkedIn at for more information about the owner’s background and references. Further references will be provided upon request.


[ Our Mission ]


”We aim to answer the questions which others cannot.”


Supporting  leaders,  managers,  entrepreneurs,  professionals,  lawyers  and  private  individuals  in  managing problematical  issues  through  efficient  strategic  investigations  and  intelligence  performed  with  the  highest  level  of  ethic  and  professional  standards.


Local Experience | Wide-Ranging | Far-Reaching


OROBORUS® is specialized in Company Brand and Industrial Patent Protection, Private & Criminal Investigation, Corporate Security & Risks Management. We support our clients and their interests in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

We represent nowadays a real benchmark as for solution of any kind of issues regarding both personal and corporate private investigation providing practical and innovative solutions tailored for every client. Also, we represent a new support for court defense.


​​"Intelligence, state of the art"

​Adding trust where is suspiciousness, giving strength where is vulnerability and providing certainty where is doubt!


OROBORUS® offers the best intelligence and investigating solutions to company frauds and court litigation, both civil and penal. Also, we build long-lasting, trust-based relationship with our clients. It is managed by experienced professionals (over twenty-five years in the field) who have operated both at a national and international level with some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Individual approach to your problems by our occupationally competent experts as well as high level of professional ethics are our core values.


"Available around the clock and the world."

We keep the budget commitments: we analyze with the client the cost/benefit in order to write a detailed proposal, so unexpected costs are always excluded. In many cases the return of investments is possible putting a stop to financial losses and recover them or getting preliminary information for better decision and avoid further problems.

Our first consult is free: we listen to identify your goals in order to explain all possibilities.

[ Whom we are talking to ]


[ Clients ]

Our sector clients include financial institutions, law firms, hedge funds, banks, NGOs, insurances, corporations, tech and fashion companies, organizations, varied professional firms, managers and individuals.

A Few of Our Clients (our client list reflects the diverse range of work we undertake across many industries):

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