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philosophy   [ What set us apart ]


[ What set us apart ]


"Working as artisan"

OROBORUS® - by choice of its founder - works with artisan methods, allowing to apply to each case being dealt with passion, dedication, meticulous accuracy and great human sensitivity. This allowed us to build lasting relationships with our Clients based on trust, respect and esteem.


Acting ethically and legally is a primary importance. We respect the laws in the jurisdictions in which we work. Our clients confidences are inviolable.

Analysis | Creativity | Thoroughness.
We don’t believe in menu-driven investigations. We develop bespoke.

Responsiveness. Hands-on management.
We focus on our clients’ objectives and tailor our investigative strategies accordingly. There are no layers between the
professionals who do the work and the clients we serve.

Client focus.
We communicate with our clients clearly, succinctly. We respect budgets and deadlines. We believe it is our role to solve our clients’ problems, not to create new ones.

Independence | Collaboration
We are independently owned and answer only to our clients. We prepare a preliminary proposal and during the work, within the framework of our clients, we keep you always updated and interface with all the key players.


The aspects of our work philosophy are: commitment to LISTENING to gain a deep KNOWLEDGE of specifications required by clients, which are our main OBJECTIVE and RESPONSIBILITY.

By OBSERVING and STUDYING a complexity of a particular context, aware of the DELICACY of an issue, OROBORUS®  stresses the importance of CONFIDENTIALITY, TRUST, INTEGRITY and ETHICS, and offers its own TALENT, SKILLS, INTELLIGENCE, SENSITIVITY and EXPERIENCE.


This represents an approach aimed at clarifying complex issues and, quite often, at foreseeing problems.

OROBORUS® is an extremely FLEXIBLE organization and uses its BEST PRACTICES to transform any experience in a sort of EVOLVING STRUCTURE, ENRICHING SKILLS with the purpose of offering ever more complete and updated services.


Our fundamental features are: The Hippocratic Oath, the Seal of Confession and the Secrecy of the lawyer’s job.

INFORMATION| INVESTIGATION are complex environments in law regarding as ethically. Ethics weight becomes more important as we come into a multifaceted and delicate area, both private and business, where the variables are numerous. Here the main difference is the human and professional factor of people who act and the principles to which they are inspired.


Understand Client’s interests are our primary concern! We believe that our attention to detail makes the difference and that finding creative, legal and ethical solutions is an art. This allowed us to build lasting relationships with our clients, based upon credibility, trust, respect and esteem.


Not only simple services suppliers, but also clever and trusty solution makers.


The methods and techniques employed in the investigations or advisory conducted by us must be not only legal but also ethical. Also, client’s codes of conduct or codes of ethics are always taken into consideration when planning and conducting the investigations. If clients do not have their own rules and regulations related to privacy and investigations, they can trust that the work will be carried at the highest possible standards in the field. All professionals, investigators and analysts are properly trained and qualified.

We are always confidential and pro-active in finding new ways of dealing with the problems. Our distinguishing features are reliability and fairness and we offer to clients a range of benefits which are inspired by principles and values that represent the rocks we build our personal and professional life on.

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